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Jonny Falls Over, Alex Lane, Jolly Good Photography, Hamswell


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Jonny Falls Over's music spans acoustic, rock and electronica, variously working in the different styles and recombining them in novel ways. The live lineup is Jonny on guitars/keys/vocals/electronics and Alex Lane on drums/samplers. Jonny’s intricate fingerstyle electric guitar and understated vocals are placed amongst electronic textures and the prodigious groove and precision of Alex’s drumming. The debut EP, Foothills, was followed in December 2018 with Warmer Climes. Through the pandemic Jonny dropped a series of singles and began the ongoing acoustic Jung Sun sessions. More releases are due for 2023.


Growing up on a sheep farm in the West of England, Jonny began producing in his early teens when he built a studio computer from the discarded parts of old family desktops, recording any sounds he could find and playing anything he could lay his hands on to create his music. After moving to London to go to university, he has spent the past decade working with numerous bands, developing his performance and production skills. Now back in the West Country, he records and writes from his home studio. His other endeavours include Concrete Disco and composes for theatre and film. He has collaborated on various projects with, amongst others, Raymond Antrobus, Simon Mole, Ambreen Razia and Ovalhouse. You can link to all his projects from his website

Also born and raised out West, Alex Lane has played drums since the age of 10. In 2008 he moved to London to study drums at Drumtech (now BIMM) before heading to Herts University to gain a BSc in Audio Engineering/Sound Design. He divides his time between his two passions: playing drums and mixing records. He has mixed music for Yann Dulche, Santino, Lila Swain and Harmon. He has played drums for EatMoreCake, Korda Marshall, Red Kite, You Must Be Ames & d0d0, as well as producing electronica under the name I I I I.

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